As company managers, Ana and Nacho lead the Lísola professional team. Therefore, they are the main members of the audiovisual team from each season.

Both of them have a large career in the audiovisual field and they apply all the experience acquired during years in this project.

Since Ana was little, she played with different types of analog cameras and she passed her time in a darkroom among the walls of her home. After all, she studied a bachelor degree in audiovisual communication and she worked as an event and fashion photographer for international well-known brands. She is the main photographer of a team that reflects fresh and spontaneous images, avoiding unnatural poses and trying very hard for making couples feel at ease.

Nacho is in charge of the video created in Lísola. He is naturally inclined towards the audiovisual field and he stared his professional career as documentary cameraman. All the knowledge acquired allows him to shape each shot of weddings in a cinematographic way and to be the main leader of a team who understands the fundamental importance of being invisible during the recording.

Both Ana and Nacho give so much importance to every single step of the audiovisual process: from the first contact with the client to the wedding day, the photo and video editing, and the final album delivery phase. They care for every detail and they work with passion with each single couple.

They are always looking for new sources of inspiration, without stopping training or investing in new professional materials. Both are convinced about the necessary continuous updating regarding the latest news in the audiovisual field, which is in constant evolution. Additionally, they share their knowledge with each member of the team in order to encourage them to learn and being updated as well.

If you are interested in remembering your own story in a different way, avoiding unnatural photos or forced videos. If you imagine you wedding plenty of smiles, tears and emotional images. If you are looking for professionals who capture your day in a natural manner, based on spontaneity, creativity and elegance, Lísola is your perfect choice.

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