Rocío and Mario got married on September, 16th2017. Both of them were convinced regarding the essence of their wedding: special and different, as their own history. Moreover, it should be placed in the countryside, where good vibes and incredible food should not be missed for a second. Finally, they celebrated a three-days-wedding beside the mountain and the "sea" (Lozoya’s reservoir). Their wedding proposal and many other special moments of their relationship were taken placed in Galicia, surrounded by trees, sea and lighthouses. As they after explained us:

"Each table of the sitting plan was named according to a lighthouse placed in Galicia, since each person who came to our wedding had guide us with their light on our pathway together”.

Photo & video: Lísola 

Place: Prados Riveros "La Granja de Lozoya"

Wedding dress: Vainise Bodas

Wedding shoes: Salo Madrid

Headdresses: Los peñotes

Flowers: Los peñotes

Suit: Vainise Boda

Catering& decor: Artigot

Music: High Volume Event

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