Beatriz and Raul got married on September, 11th 2020 after having to postpone their wedding once because the Covid-19.

We cannot describe in words how they faced the uncertainty posed by the Covid-19 situation, but we can show you the images and the Beatriz,s words, which summarize what they wanted and what they finally got:

“It was the happiest day of our lives. We had to reinvent ourselves hundreds of times (reducing guests, changing the date, the time of the celebration, the place of the meal ...). There were moments that we thought we would get married alone but none of that demotivated us. It was absolutely magical! It was a very close wedding, everyone was very happy and the guests felt very safe with the measures taken. I think we have been very lucky and I can only give thanks for that. "

Photography & video: Lísola

Place: San Lorenzo del Escorial & El Campillo

Dress: Cristina Tamborero

Wedding shoes: Jimmy Choo

Beauty: Ana Magnetique

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