Marta and Miguel got married on May, 20th2017. 

After carrying out their pre-wedding session, we could understand that every detail would be chosen to perfection for the wedding day. Moreover, we realized that they did not care about risking regarding the setting. Finally, the ceremony was officiated in the church of Sangarcía, a small town in Segovia. The reception was celebrated in La Abadía de Párraces, a special location that did not go unnoticed to any guest. 

An incredible and different couple, a faultless and meticulous decoration, and a venue in which we could work every day and continue discovering new corners.

Photo & video: Lísola

Wedding dress: María Baraza

Shoes: Resan

Headdress: Tousette

Beauty: Gemma Coronel & Wioleta Gosiewska

Flowers: El Caloco

Suit: Guzmán/ Pugil store

Place: Abadía de Párraces

Catering: Quilicua Catering

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