Wedding women time is a delicate and challenging editorial in which two women are the protagonists and they make their own rules but maintaining the same feeling: the desire to keep on advancing when they are recognizing each other and themselves.

The team led by “El sueño de Elma” and “Lísola” wanted to carry out a session with a story that made the difference:

"We realized that it was difficult to find inspirational editorials between two people of the same sex. We believed that it would be fascinating to present a session in which two strong, dreamy and committed women performed the main role of a story. Wedding Women Time is about a delicate moment based on a feeling, which sometimes comes slowly, sometimes with force and, more often than expected, demolishing any prejudice in our own minds and those of others. "


Paula and Olatz are the interpreters who celebrate their story in a simple way, avoiding the protocols and with a strong personality that is reflected in a worked style, fusing the bohemian and ethnic styles but without forgetting the subtlety and the elegance.

The dress and pants of Otaduy, the top of Reyes Burgosand the headdresses of Rita Von were the perfect bet to dressthe protagonists; three firms with a specialsensitivity to dress different and timeless brides and who appreciate the aesthetically beautiful.

In addition, Marta Gamarra got right with the makeup, getting a fresh effect playing with different shades and bases and about the hairdresser, providing different and delicate hairstyles based on pigtails, straight hair or disheveled braids.


A farm in the mountains of the Sierra de Madrid was the place chosen by this great team to make this session. The decoration and design were carried out by “El Sueño de Elma” team.

“ The farm "El Bosquecito” was the perfect enclave bring about this session. The interior of the place offered us decorative backgrounds with plants which we got an exotic point. Outside, we found vegetation and stone bottom to make the ceremony and an old tennis court that marked a point of modernity where we did the night photo shoot.”

In the decoration we find different materials such as wood, natural fabrics like a wicker, macrame, and the vegetable fibers of carpets. The first one, provides warmth while the carpets offer the note of color along with the cactus and succulents of decorative backgrounds and proteas in the bride bouquets that also add bulk. Also, the naturalness comes from the hand of clay containers and the stone of the stage.


The photography and video of the session was carried out by Ana and Nacho of “Lísola fotografía”.

They decided to mix creative photography and video with a natural style characteristic of their work in wedding photography.

“For us not only was it important to reflect romanticism in the images but also contribute a more modern point through plans and poses that came close to fashion photography.”

The main objective was to capture the beauty of Paula and Olatz and to introduce them in a delicate harmony in where they felt comfortable. "


MODELS: Paula Sánchez y Olatz Vázquez


PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: Lísola fotografía

LOCATION: Finca el Bosquecito

CLOTHING: Vestidos y pantalón de Otaduy y top de Reyes Burgos



SHOES: Jorge Larrañaga

JEWELS: Juanita Moon

CARPETS: Alfombras étnicas

MACRAMÉ: Weaving rules

CAKE: Acaramelada


HAIR EXTENSIONS: Extensionmania

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