Concha and Marcos desired to celebrate their ten-years-relationship by renewing their vows. Many experiences lived together, four children and a great project in common: “Cielo del Norte”. More than a clothes brand, it is a way of life that puts together tradition, simplicity and beauty. Concha makes timeless garments based on quality and simplicity. Marcos goes through her dream, accompanying Concha. As she expresses, Marcos is always there, like a strong oak tree.

Moreover, Concha knows that Marcos likes looking the stars. Therefore, she wanted to wear a dress full of moons and stars, whereas Marcos, as he loves the vests that she designs, decided to wear one of her creations.

In this wedding vow renewal ceremony, we wanted to reflect their romantic commitment by remembering the past, showing the present, and dreaming about their future together. They were able to create a home and that is why they are the protagonists of these photos. We hope that the light they have today will always guide them in the future.

Place: Finca Prados Riveros
Photography & video: Lísola 
Dress: Comprado en mercado vintage
Wedding shoes: Ursula Mascaró
Flowers: Arte flor
Suit: Cielo del norte
contenidos © John Johnsonsite by Bluekea